Vincent Lamouroux’s Projection at the Sunset Pacific Motel

richard_manirath_sunset_pacific_bates_motel_hotel_white_minimalist_doors_windows_los_angeles_palm_trees_minimal_art_vincent_lamouroux_projection richard_manirath_sunset_pacific_bates_motel_hotel_white_minimalist_doors_windows_minimal_art_vincent_lamouroux_projection richard_manirath_sunset_pacific_bates_motel_hotel_white_minimalist_los_angeles_photoshoot_fashion_minimal_art_vincent_lamouroux_projection richard_manirath_sunset_pacific_bates_motel_hotel_white_minimalist_plants_tree_flowers_foliage_minimal_art_vincent_lamouroux_projection richard_manirath_sunset_pacific_bates_motel_hotel_white_minimalist_smoking_photographer_photography_camera_minimal_art_vincent_lamouroux_projection

French Artist Vincent Lamouroux has transformed Silver Lake’s Sunset Pacific Motel, also known as the Bates Motel, into a temporary art installation. Entitled ‘Projection’, the artist seeks to revive the dilapidated building (and its surrounding palm trees) by giving it a new life: “The idea is to disrupt the way we perceive things by giving some special attention to this one place.” Although the white paint shall slowly fade away and the motel will eventually be demolished to give way to a new apartment complex, it has allowed for the community to enjoy and engage in the beauty that is art.


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