Southwestern Law School’s Historic Bullocks Wilshire Building

The landmark Bullocks Wilshire Building, a Los Angeles Cultural Monument (#56 to be exact), is part of Southwestern Law School’s campus. Originally a luxury department store for more than 60 years, Southwestern purchased the building from the R.H. May company in 1994 and restored the building to its Art Deco glory. I have had the privileged opportunity to photograph some events for Southwestern Law School, including photographing events at the legendary Tea Room where Hollywood’s royalty including John Wayne, Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Marlene Dietrich, Clark Gable and Mae West, came to dine. The public has an opportunity to enjoy this architectural gem through “Summer Days at Bullocks Wilshire”, an annual open house where there are self-guided tours, as well as exclusive events through Southwestern’s Friends of Bullocks Wilshire. For now, take a look at the beauty that is the heart of the Southwestern campus.

Perfume Hall
Tea Room
Coco Chanel Room/ La Chinoiserie
La Directoire/ French Room
Louis XVI Room

Adam Tenenbaum’s Chandelier Tree in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake Neighborhood

Richard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers Richard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silverlake_Street_Meter_LightsRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers_trees_natureRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Lamp_Lights_NightRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers_trees_nature_art

I have always had a fascination with light fixtures, especially chandeliers. Adam Tenenbaum has created this beautiful art installation at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, CA. This place has been one of the hidden gems of Los Angeles and I love coming to this place. He has collected and restored over thirty vintage light fixtures, which he has placed artfully on this century old sycamore tree. Adorned like Christmas ornaments, each chandelier is unique and together, they create a new Los Angeles landmark that you must see.