Adam Tenenbaum’s Chandelier Tree in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake Neighborhood

Richard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers Richard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silverlake_Street_Meter_LightsRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers_trees_natureRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Lamp_Lights_NightRichard_Manirath_Los_Angeles_Photography_Chandelier_Tree_Silver_Lake_Silverlake_Lamp_Lights_Night_Adam Tenenbaum_chandeliers_trees_nature_art

I have always had a fascination with light fixtures, especially chandeliers. Adam Tenenbaum has created this beautiful art installation at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, CA. This place has been one of the hidden gems of Los Angeles and I love coming to this place. He has collected and restored over thirty vintage light fixtures, which he has placed artfully on this century old sycamore tree. Adorned like Christmas ornaments, each chandelier is unique and together, they create a new Los Angeles landmark that you must see.


Los Angeles Wedding Photography

 richard_manirath_wedding_photography_bridal_dress_white_gown_veil_bride_light_bouquet_flowers_preparation_hydrangeas_smile_laughterrichard_manirath_wedding_rings_bands_hands_watch_photography_groom_bride_holding_hands_bouquet_flowers_rosesrichard_manirath_wedding_selfie_cellphone_gpoy_cam_bridesmaids_candid_flowers_photoshoot_teal_dress_black_white_bw     richard_manirath_wedding_photography_bridal_dress_white_gown_back_veil_bride_lightrichard_manirath_wedding_photography_bridal_shoes_heels_caparros_stilettosrichard_manirath_wedding_photography_bridal_dress_white_gown_veil_bride_light_bouquet_flowers richard_manirath_wedding_bridesmaids_groom_funny_silly_flowers_photoshoot_teal_dress richard_manirath_wedding_photography_bridal_dress_white_gown_veil_bride_groom_light_bouquet_flowers_kiss_couple_wind_hydrangeas_smile_laughter_loverichard_manirath_wedding_groomsmen_groom_bride_funny_silly_hug_photoshoot_couple richard_manirath_photography_korean_traditional_wedding_hanbok_bride_groom_asian_ paebaek_pae_baek

I had the honor and privilege of photographing Lawrence and Claire’s Wedding at St. Lawrence Martyr Church and the Palos Verdes Art Center. Their special day also included a “paebaek”, which is a traditional Korean ceremony where the bride and groom paid respects to their parents and elders. For more information about booking Richard Manirath Photography™ for your special day, please contact us for the rates.

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Reconnecting Roots

Check out my blog post for The Los Angeles County Museum of Art‘s (LACMA) Unframed blog!

Unframed The LACMA Blog

“I don’t know how to sew,” a little boy whispered to me as he stared at the colorful cloth in my hands. In front of him lay sewing instruments and fabrics spread across a long table. I was at the Boone Children’s Gallery, sewing different patches together to create a traditional Korean wrapping cloth, known as a bojagi, when he came up to me.

Richard Manirath Photography 2014 Richard Manirath Photography 2014

“Well, I’m glad you came because I also didn’t know how to sew, but I learned right here!”
“Really?” the little boy asked.
“Really!” I answered back.

Richard Manirath Photography 2014 Richard Manirath Photography 2014

When the LACMA Education team brought up the idea of creating the world’s largest bojagi, I was given the perfect opportunity to learn how to sew after years of wanting to learn. Sewing has been a part of my family for a long time, but I personally never learned…

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